For about 30 years, LAMID has provided business advisory and support to SMEs, as well as multinational corporations, multi-lateral donors, government agencies and NGOs, whose core goal is economic transformation through wealth and employment creation especially for youth and women.

Business Innovation Zone

Bridging the wealth creation divide through affordable, accessible, bottom-line-oriented entrepreneurial management knowledge services.

Human Capital Development

Recruitment is an essential function in the human capital planning and development of an organization. It is a meticulous process of attracting the best ahead-of-the-curve candidates – scheduling interviews and hiring.

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Social Sector

Social Sector management for LAMID Consulting is a non-profit management and leadership program with the interest in creating positive community development to build or accelerate careers.


We build bridges

Since inception, we have defined our clear range of expertise and decided to stick to doing what we know best, not to be all things to all people.