Human Capital Development

We source and recruit visionary leaders and talents with a singular purpose – to create continuous innovation and disruption for customer advantage.

Would you like to read this featured post from us?

Would you like to read this featured post from us?

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We conduct executive searches and head hunts to produce experts

We understand that there is a tightening supply of high talent due to the increasing shortage of skilled and experienced management and technical knowledge. LAMID Consulting assists in human capital planning through its recruitment and placement services. Using the latest tools, we conduct executive searches and head hunts to produce experts, ensuring the right people are hired at the right time in permanent, temporary and contract appointments through our bespoke recruitment services. We assist organizations succeed in their industry by attracting and hiring the brightest, most talented and highly dedicated people.

Our recruitment processes are objective and thorough, ensuring the most suitable candidates meet the client’s criteria. With the latest technology in profiling and personality prediction, we source the best. Our on-line scheduling requests ensure real time communication connects clients to first class candidates.


Using our expertise and experience we have:
Identified and recruited the best candidates – the most important competition factor today.

Helped clients meet their organizational goals

Assisted in increasing productivity.

Provided on-time, reliable staff, with the right skill set.

Reduced employee turn-over.

Reduced the loss in man-hours due to vacant positions

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Suitable for Start Ups, Growth firms, retiring employees. Cooperatives, & NGOs

For 30 years, LAMID has demonstrated its ability to design client-specific learning solutions to fit clients’ situations and needs using international best practices. We emphasize hands-on methodologies and techniques that lend themselves to sustained back-to-work transfer and behavior change. We seek to create high-end value using approaches that promote actionable change, peer to peer learning, networking, coaching, mentoring, and experience exchanges.


Functional management training

Leadership awareness training

Job Search workshops

Entrepreneurship Development Boot Camps include The CEO Programs from Novices-to-Entrepreneur solutions for business inspiration and motivation, opportunities’ guidance, risk management, business formation, costing, revenue planning, funding sources, e-commerce to far more advanced options


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