LAMID Technology offers optimized business opportunities for clients from different sectors especially the SMEs who intend to extend their business outreach on a global platform via the World Wide Web.

Website Development

As business is increasingly transacted with technology via the web for convenience, reach and scalability, technology and web presence are no longer seen as prestige or visibility markers, making it compelling for many manual and analogue processes to be revamped and done away it, and old web sites to be re-designed, re-built or re-developed to conform with the latest technology.

Using our expertise, you can leapfrog with:

e-Inventory Management

Manages product orders, frequency by client, shelf life, recorder cycle, and stock levels.

Document Management System

Will help you manage the storage and retrieval of your document in real life.

Job Portal System

Designed for the organization that seeks professional expertise for managing its recruitment process.

Shopping Portal Opportunities

Designed to provide market presence on the internet and increase turnover by exposing goods and services to millions of people around the world.

Automated CRM Feedback Systems

An online feedback solution that allows businesses to create surveys that are useful for gathering automated feedbacks from a wide range of people, in order to gain market advantage.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

A software application that moves documents, files & records from a manual to an electronic format. With this technology each staff has a record & page with different functionalities.


Social Media and Digital Marketing

Prospecting and selling on social sites including YouTube, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn is ultimately inevitably fast overtaking traditional options given you pay less or nothing for more adverts and referrals and most audiences visit them.

We would ensure your website is

User-friendly, attractive, appealing, easy to navigate, fast loading and operational.

Designed exclusively to suit your business professional image and online marketing interests

Functionally equipped to attract new and more clients, businesses or referrals

Allows you to communicate effectively with clients, employees, and your public.

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