Business Guide on Restaurant Canteen

The food service industry in Nigeria includes more than 3,000 companies and several small businesses. Major companies in the industry include Mr. Biggs, Mama Cass, Tantalizer, Sweet Sensation, Tastee Fried Chicken etc with a whole lot of names coming up in the industry either to cater to specific customers such as events and functions, or to the needs of households or organizations that need such services. The industry is highly concentrated with the 10 largest accounting for about 65% of revenue.  The trend in the business has now moved from roadside restaurants to classic style restaurants. This is such that customers are now very conscious of the environment where they eat, what they eat and how the meals are prepared. The business will cater to the needs of those who are mainly interested Nigerian dishes. These dishes shall be comprised of mainly rice, beans, yam and other condiments to be sold and served in the morning.