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For almost three decades, through in-depth research, we have successfully proffered solution to a wide array of clients in the private sector especially SMEs, as well as governments, NGOs and international development partners. Broadly, our results include increased profits, innovation, job creation, youth development, environmental enhancement, and knowledge building.

These have been achieved through our activities in:

Strategy Design and Execution

  • Mission Review and Design
  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategy Execution
  • Designing & Implementing Change

Business Building and Re-Modelling

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Customer Needs Assessment
  • Enterprise Creation and Product Development
  • Marketing and Feasibility Research
  • Sales Forecast, Promotion & Training
  • Client satisfaction surveys and Innovation
  • Reviewing Systems and Processes
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Credit Access and Loan Monitoring

Human Capital Development

  • Performance Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Compensation, Benefits/Salary Surveys
  • Recruitment Services
  • Management Training

Social SectorServices

  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Social Enterprise Building
  • Poverty Reduction and Monitoring
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Climate Proof Actions

Technology Support

  • Financial Management
  • e-commerce
  • Website Design & SEO Services
  • HRM, CRM, MIS,


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